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Latest Projects

  • How to Convert your Metal Detector to a 12V Battery Pack from 18650 Li-ion cells with 3S BMS
    Are you tired of buying the same pairs of 9V expensive batteries and throwing them away after few days of coin hunting? One of the best options to recycle old 18650’s is to build a battery pack. With the correct BMS and number of 18650 cells your battery pack can achieve the desired operating voltage.
  • DIY battery NP-F750/F770 from 18650 cells
    Recently I bought great Viltrox L132T LED Video Light for my studio and when the delivery came I realized that I forgot to order battery for this kit. The model I need for my case is Sony NP-F550/770/960 line.
  • Convert Brady BMP 21 held Printer to 18650 Lithium Batteries
    Are you tired of buying batteries for your handheld label printer and dispose them in few days? Here is a simple way to convert Brady BMP 21 to pair of 18650 lithium batteries, so you can charge them for free.
  • Convert DeWalt Cordless Screwdriver Battery to 18650 cell
    15 years ago I received an amazing present from a friend – DeWalt Cordless Screwdriver – DC600 Type 1. It was a great tool and I’m really happy that he chose exactly this model for my daily PC work with desktop computers and other electrical devices.
  • Harvesting 18650 Cells from old laptop batteries. Testing and Charging
    The easiest way to put hands on some 18650 cells is to extract them from old laptop or electric scooter batteries. There are also other devices working on this type of cells, but they are not so popular and the amount of cells inside is not great.
  • DIY Kitchen trivet with cork wine covers
    Can we upcycle all these cork wine closures collected at few wine parties at home? What could be better than cork trivet? If you like cooking – you always need a good surface to place your hot pan when your meal is prepared.